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We specialize in Yardi because we believe it’s the best product for your industry, therefore our ever-growing list of services will help you achieve the most from this software. Domestic or global; big or small; success for you is success for us, so we can promise the utmost level of skill, efficiency and integrity is carried out in all our company-tailored services. 

Our Services.

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Accounting best practices.

We have a deep understanding of how to combine accounting processes with technical efficiencies within the Yardi platform. We can help streamline and enhance your system by developing best practice workflows, and providing assistance with Account Payable, Account Receivable, Monthly Reporting and Year-end Reporting.

Yardi Software implementation

By spending time with your team and defining business requirements, we can provide a seamless, strategic implementation of Yardi Software, tailored to your company. Implementation covers the entire process, starting with the evaluation of your goals, followed by customizing your data for the new platform, data validation, testing, training, launch, and post go-live support. 

Technical support.

We understand the importance of support and training on an on-going, long-term basis. We provide support for clients who utilize us for implementation and for those who require independent technical support. Our tailored service model provides direct access to your consultant who will track any issues and assist with further support.

Data customization.

Data customization is a key part of our implementation process. We will migrate all your existing data from your current system into your new Yardi system . We will assist with the integration of 3rd party systems you currently use, into Yardi to provide a seamless transition and increase efficiencies.

Yardi training.

We provide in-person and remote training to review key features of Yardi systems and ensure your team is setup for long-term success. We customize our trainings to your business processes, by leveraging real-time environment data from your database to demonstrate how the system will increase efficiency and productivity. 

Custom user manuals.

We provide highly customized solutions and trainings as we know each organization is unique and no single training document will work for every firm. By assessing your specific needs, we will craft custom documents specific to your workflow to keep your team and future team members knowledgeable and productive.

Project management.

Project management is the core element of our business. We work with you to understand the scope of your project and create a custom solution to meet your objectives and business needs – no job is too small!

Process review.

We perform business process reviews to analyze your real estate portfolio, workflows, and operations of all departments to better assist with customizing Yardi systems to your specific business needs.

Not seeing what you need?

Like most of our clients, a unique service may be needed as all company needs are different. Send us a message with what you’re looking for, or need help with and we’ll figure out the rest.

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